Why choose Melanie Cambridge Artist Gouache?

My gouache is rather different to the Gouache you will find elsewhere. None of my colours contain any white pigment which is added to make gouache fully opaque. Some colours are opaque (pigments such as Cadmium are naturally opaque), others are translucent. All colours have extremely high pigment content - making them vibrant, clean and much stronger than watercolour. You will also find exclusive colours, such as my beautiful "Cambridge Pink", a wonderful vibrant colour, great for flowers and mixing with yellows for sunset colours.

Gouache can be used in combination with pure watercolour whenever you need stronger colours or opaque colour within your paintings. Melanie Cambridge Artist's Gouache is, in effect, a stronger form of watercolour, with far higher pigment levels, made using the same ingredients but in different proportions.

Melanie Cambridge Artist's Gouache

Up to 40% pigment content make them some of the most vibrant colours on the UK market

No added White, mean colours are strong and vibrant without looking "chalky"

Genuine pigments with no "Hue" colours. You will only find pure Cadmium in my Cadmium Red and Yellows.

“Cambridge" colours are unique to the Melanie Cambridge range

High Glycerine content means colours stay wet on the palette for longer and have a lovely buttery texture.

Flip-top lids mean you never need to unscrew them or lose them, simply flip, pierce and squeeze!




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