Melanie Cambridge® Artist colours do not present any major hazard when used with care and common sense. It should, however, be emphasised that as with other chemical products, high standards of general hygiene should be adhered to, both during and after use of these products and warnings given on individual products should be followed. Prolonged contact with the skin and ingestion (or swallowing) of the product should be avoided. This includes avoiding practices such as applying colour with the fingers or pointing brushes in the mouth.

Studio Clean Up and Safe Use Tips

Good working practice should be adopted with all artists' materials, whether potentially hazardous or not. Before you start, read the product labels.

Within your studio:

• Ensure plenty of fresh air, ventilation and circulation

• Do not sleep in your studio without first removing painting materials elsewhere, in particular be sure to dispose of unused solvents and dirty rags in fireproof and solvent-proof containers.

• Store all materials, particularly solvents, tightly capped when not in use.

• Do not expose artists' materials to naked flames or excessive heat sources

While working:

• Do not eat, drink or smoke when working due to the risk of ingestion (swallowing)

• Avoid excessive skin contact, particularly with solvents

• Do not point your brushes in your mouth; paints are not made for human consumption

• Refrain from applying colour directly with your fingers

• Use a barrier cream or surgical gloves when painting with your hands

• Do not pour out more solvent than is necessary for your current painting session, it will only evaporate into the room

• If paint or solvent is splashed into the eyes or on the skin, wash thoroughly with water

• Avoid prolonged inhalation of solvent vapours

• Clean up all spills straight away

• Keep all artists' materials out of reach of children, animals and foodstuffs.

PLEASE NOTE: Melanie Cambridge artists' materials are manufactured for use by adults, that is persons over the age of 14. Small children are exposed to greater risks than adults due to their smaller body size and lower weight. Artists' materials should be kept out of reach of children in order to prevent accidents from occurring.

After painting:

• Clear away all solvent and paint soaked rags and discarded palettes

• Dispose of them in an airtight, solvent-proof container or in an appropriate manner

• Wash hands thoroughly at the end of your painting session

• Do not use excess solvent to wash colour from your hands.

In case of Emergency, medical authorites may contact +44 (0) 7599 884096 to request full technical health and safety information on both oil and gouache colours. This number is for medical professionals only, not as a general advice line.



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