Live Demonstrations are back!

If you would like to invite me to your Art Group, I am now able to offer both live in person demonstrations and also via zoom. Please contact me to book either type of demonstration.

All demonstrations run for up to 2.5 hours. Zoom events are recorded so that your members will be able to watch this demonstration again for up to one month afterwards.


Art Group Demonstrations & Workshops

I can be booked to deliver various demonstrations and workshops. All are available on-line or in person. Here is a selection of what I can offer. However, do please contact me to discuss your ideas and if I can create a bespoke event for your society, I will.

Big Skies over the North Downs - Oils:  Let me show you hove to capture skies and clouds on a big scale. Working fast and loose to create a lively painting and incorporating impasto medium for the foreground downland.

Seascapes - Oils:  I love painting seascapes and beaches. Working from sketches and photographs to create an atmospheric beach scene under a large open sky, incorporating figures or boats to give a sense of scale and interest.

How to Paint Horses - Gouache, Oils or Oil Pastels:  I painted horses as a child, not being very good at riding them! In this demonstration I show how to get the poportions right for both a head and whole horse before moving on to paint a horse head portrait or a whole one in a simple landscape during the second half of the demonstration.

Interpreting Photographs - Gouache, Oils, Mixed Media or Oil Pastels:  Many of us paint from photographs. During this demonstration I show you how to use several images to create a planning sketch. Using this sketch with the supporting images to then create a finished painting. If you wish, I am happy to use photographs supplied by the group, unseen by me in advance.

Use those Sketches! - Gouache, Oils, Mixed Media:  Taking ideas from my sketchbook, sometimes combining more than one, to paint a landscape, woodland view, river scene, boats in the estuary, or indeed anything else from my sketchbook.


Comments from Art Groups about the new on-line demos

Peterborough Art Society   "Last nights demo was absolutely marvellous. I have had lots of feedback from members to the same effect. It has inspired quite a few of us. I also have had messages from some who could not attend the live meeting and they are pleased that a video will be coming out for them to view. A couple of them had already heard how good it was. How great is that? Thank you once again." Find out more about this art group at: Peterborough Art Society"

Charnwood Drawing & Painting Club  "Thank you so much for the fine demonstration you gave last evening. We all loved it, and I am sure the demo and the video will convince many of our ardent watercolourists to try oils in the future. In the meantime it was a 'win-win' for all of us." Find out more about this art group at: Charnwood Drawing & Painting Club"

Downland Art Society  "Thank you so much for yesterday it was great and all the feedback received was very encouraging, people love to have their demos at home as they are stuck at home some even professed to prefer it!"

Harpenden Art Club  "Thank you so much for the excellent demonstration you gave for HAC. I think you could tell, from the silence, that everybody was totally absorbed in watching and learning new techniques! It was interesting to see the way you used gouache, the artist's putty and the oil pastels, and to hear your commentary on how you were achieving the effects you wanted."



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